SAP Hybris

Polaris Your SAP Hybris Implementation Partner.

SAP Hybris provides market-leading solutions that empower the world’s top brands to provide a consistently great experience across every touch point.

SAP Hybris is an ideal platform for companies looking for a long-term online commerce hub that will continue to evolve its capabilities to meet customer demands in this ever-changing commerce world.

⦁ Robust, agile and open architecture technology allows for best in class scalability, flexibility and performance

⦁ Built for optimal performance and scalability

⦁ Leader in both B2B and B2C digital commerce

⦁ A customizable, modular approach

⦁ Rated best in class by both Gartner and Forrester Research

⦁ Designed for high-volume, high-transaction environments

Our approach focuses on increasing the internal user adoption of the technologies implemented, allowing the organization to react more quickly to changing environments and make better-informed business decisions. Our experience with multiple SAP HANA engagements gives us an advantage when considering Business Suite on HANA, S/4 HANA, and other potential technology decisions.

Get up and running faster with SAP Hybris Accelerators

FLASH Commerce Accelerator : An affordable, leading-edge commerce solution that combines the highest-impact features of an enterprise-grade eCommerce system into a compact offering that packs a punch.

Travel Accelerator : Travel and transport providers can easily deliver cutting-edge customer engagement throughout the traveler journey, while integrating to existing reservation, revenue and loyalty systems.

B2B Commerce Accelerator : Organizations with complex B2B requirements can go to market faster, with all of the marketing and merchandising capabilities necessary to create an engaging B2B customer experience.

B2C Commerce Accelerator : Ready-to-use, with working storefront templates and the business tools you need to create an exceptional customer experience. Your project is ready for you to customize as needed.

We execute end to end SAP Hybris projects and provide full-life cycle services.