SLAN - IFRS 16 and Leasing

If your business is affected by the new IFRS and ASC regulations, you may already know how important it is to get your organization compliant with these new regulations quickly. Polaris’s SLAN practice is filled with SAP experts ready to take care of your transition to SLAN so you can focus on keeping your business running.

Getting started is quick and easy!

Why Polaris?

Our solution has arrived. The new solution helps :

⦁ Improve the transparency of lease portfolios

⦁ Simplify & expedite lease management

⦁ Improve balance sheets & reduce costs

⦁ Decrease lease reporting inaccuracies

⦁ Enjoy a superior user experience

Most organizations will be impacted by the new and upcoming regulatory compliance standards.

As current administration standards change, it’s imperative that all affected organizations ensure they’re compliant.

Now is the best time to prepare your organization & make the leap to SLAN. Our SLAN practice is staffed with an effective and dedicated team of both technical and functional resources. We at Polaris are positioned to help your lease management system be compliant and up-to-date.

We help with :

⦁ Lease Portfolio Assessment

⦁ Polaris experts can examine your current portfolio to help plan for the necessary prep work

⦁ Transition Accounting

⦁ Ensures a smooth transition to SLAN

⦁ Business Process Evaluation and Improvements

⦁ Our SLAN implementation plan will account for your business processes and portfolio to provide the best path to SLAN

⦁ Data Quality Management and Cutover

⦁ Improved processes to collect , manage and migrate data

⦁ Post Go Live Support We at Polaris in our SLAN Implementation also help with Reporting and Analytics

Our custom reporting and analytics solutions will help your business accelerate and get the most out of your SLAN implementation:

⦁ Custom Disclosures and Reporting

⦁ Reconciliation reports

⦁ Dashboards and Visualizations

⦁ Data discovery applications

⦁ Cloud based and on-premise solutions leveraging your existing SAP Analytics infrastructure to reduce TCO Accelerators

Best practice documents which could be used to accelerate the project time lines. The list of accelerators can be viewed here:

⦁ Requirements gathering workshop templates

⦁ Project Plans

⦁ Implementation templates

⦁ Training material

⦁ Transition documents