Polaris Wholesale Distribution Solution

Polaris Wholesale Distribution Solution optimizes processes for wholesale distributors across financials, logistics, warehousing and sales, by delivering upon the affordability and expertise of the SAP application, combined with our industry best practices and methodologies. Fully deployable in weeks, our solution provides customers with a pre-packaged, scalable and easily-managed enterprise software solution to improve business processes that can be rapidly deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

Our solutions offer the flexibility to accommodate unique business needs of each customerand are preconfigured, industry-specific versions of the SAP ERP application combined with SAP Best Practices offerings, enabling streamlined operations, lower costs and a proven path to growth.

With our solution businesses can simplify traditionally complex wholesale distribution ERP system implementations and achieve operational efficiencies to reduce costs and improve margins across wholesale distribution operator’s logistics, sales order processing, customer management, financials and cost recovery efforts of the business

Polaris Lifescience Solutions

Our SAP Pharmaceutical solution suits best to pharmaceutical and life science industries and are designed to support and streamline your processes.Our services cover systems integration, application and data integration using cutting-edge technologies and present End-to-end offerings that address challenges across the value chain using best practices for implementation, operation, and optimization of SAP solutions.

Our solution –

⦁ Provides pre-configured tools, and methodology for evaluation and implementation of SAP solutions.

⦁ Provides transparency of systems, business processes, training, testing, change and service-level information.

⦁ Enables Faster response to changes in market needs via collaborative research and development

⦁ Improves ability to trace all excipients and active ingredients from source to dispense

⦁ Provides real-time visibility into finances and faster analysis of profitability across product lines

⦁ Provides greater ability to spot and seize new revenue, increase speed response times and balance inventories with analytics.

⦁ Enhances performance across people, processes, and plants with operational transparency.

⦁ Streamlines customer processes to minimize errors, DSO, and revenue leakage.

Polaris SAP Managed Services

Managed services are designed to enhance the SAP application support services performed by staff from inside an organization with specialized services from expert Polaris Support staff in a model built to deliver qualitative results. Our highly skilled SAP managed services staff provide services in concert with a client’s existing staff, filling gaps in the internal staff’s capabilities.

Configured to a client’s specific need, our managed services scope may encompass the full spectrum of the internal SAP Business Suite, SAP ECC, mySAP™ ERP and R/3® application support functions on a 24 x 7 x 365, part time or full time equivalent basis.

Polaris SAP Managed Services delivers the following managed services in a well-defined service level agreement framework:

Application Support Services

Perform activities in collaboration with your staff, filling gaps in team capabilities, allowing your internal resources to be redirected to priority initiatives, significantly enhancing our clients support capability. Application support can include:

⦁ Service Desk Routing, Management, and Reporting .

⦁ On-Call Application User Help Services

⦁ Business Analysis and BPM Issue Support

⦁ Knowledge Extension and Mentoring Services

⦁ Year-End Updates for 1099 and W2 Reporting.

⦁ Long-Term or Medium Term Staff Augmentation.

⦁ Staff Backfill and After Hours Support.

Our experts become completely familiar with your business processes, configurations, end user profiles , customizations, interfaces, and extensions – this helps us deliver managed services specific to what you require, where and when you need it.

Technical Managed Services for SAP®

Our technical managed services are designed to extend and augment the SAP technical support services performed by technical staff from inside an organization with specialized SAP services from expert Polaris technical staff.

Basis Administration Services

Polaris Basis Administration teams help provide effective management of your system, with capabilities include but are not limited to:

⦁ Architecture Design/Redesign

⦁ Data Refreshes

⦁ DR and Business Continuance

⦁ Enhancement, Service Pack / Tools Installs

⦁ EP/ESUs/ASUs Application

⦁ Object Transfers

⦁ Package Builds and Deployments

⦁ Performance Tuning/Optimization

⦁ Printer/Job Queue Maintenance

⦁ Process Re-engineering/ Optimization

⦁ System and Process Documentation

⦁ System Audits

⦁ System Monitoring

⦁ System/Environment Maintenance

⦁ Vacation Coverage

⦁ Web Server Support

Polaris Digital Strategy and Road Map Services

We at Polaris work closely with our clients to work on and develop a digital strategy and a road map to align with the overall business strategy. We understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all plan for Digital Transformation and therefore bring with is processes and methods that help organizations to prepare a road map that fulfills and maximizes their investments.

We at Polaris, take our clients business’ vision, objectives, and strategy to prepare blueprint to operate in the digital and online space to build digital enterprise capabilities that leverage growth and generate new economic value in the future. We work with our clients to prepare a well-designed digital roadmap that :

⦁ Assists to demonstrate what is being delivered.

⦁ Helps you assess if the project is worth delivering.

⦁ Highlights how it will be implemented, making the strategy achievable, tangible and more credible.

⦁ Makes it easy to see when it is delivered through a time frame.

Our digital road map defined by the digital strategy.

⦁ Includes achievable, realistic, and major milestones and associated streams and projects.

⦁ Agile and nimble to adapt and evolve to meet changes.

Our goals include

⦁ Maximizing the return on investment of your products and services

⦁ Improving efficiency, introducing best practices and reducing the cost

⦁ Improving all touchpoints enriching customer and employee experiences

⦁ Putting in place a proactive cyber security strategy

⦁ Management of changing customer preferences in the digital landscape